Langadale Half Marathon

Lt LangdaleSo after after 6 pints yesterday and a bowl of cous cous for tea I wouldn’t recommend it. But… I have run the this half marathon expecting 2 plus hours but my legs wouldn’t give up! Coming in at 1.49 I smashed the hills, climbed 1700ft, a time I wouldn’t of even thought I’d get before I set off and most of all I loved every minute. Hardest half marathon in the Uk, 3 x 25% hills. One I recommend!!

Thanks to my family who haven’t missed a race between them this year and it has made it for me this year. My dad being my number one supporter all year and my mum and my sisters finishing off my year. It’s all about family.

To run a road run compared to a trail run is totally different, you don’t need to use your head that much. Just run
Going into next year more determined and ready for anything. This is how you start a book. 

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