My Cumbria Way Report

On Thursday 21st November I took on The Cumbria Way for our good friend, while raising funds for Lancashire Mind in 3 days, staying in Keswick and Coniston.

A challenge to work in more ways than one. The adventure, the planning, the hiking, the highs and lows, and why I did this. A report which I have enjoyed writing and relived the experienced every time I read it. Here is the beginning off my report, please click on the link below to read the full report. Thank you for all your support.

I would like to personally introduce you to the Cumbria Way from North to South, Carlisle to Ulverston over 3 days, dedicated to our good friend Paul Fletcher.
In the first section of this report I will be describing my journey across the Cumbria Way, pointing out different situations we faced and experiences which I will never forget. Talking about how and when to use your mind in different places, a test of physical and mental strength…..

The Cumbria Way
Day 1 – Carlisle to Keswick
Thursday 21st November, I finished work at 0100 hours, bed at 0300 hours and had to be up for 0600 for the train from Preston to Carlisle with my good friend Dave Hesketh at 0703 to arrive at 0815 to start the hike. Anxious and nervous, about to do something which I had never done before. A challenge more gruelling than I thought, it was never going to be easy in winter…..

Please click here for full report 🙂

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