Coniston Old Man, April 2018

This walk was my best walk/hike I have every done around Coniston. Reasons being, the route I took, off track and pleased with my compass skills. Always good to try them out when its not as needed but comes in handy. Instinct isn’t always correct but I like to think it is, but still make sure. This walk compared to the January one was totally different. Breath-taking from different angles, sitting there looking around you, no sound apart from nature, no one near you or around you, the feeling of being free and alive. Days to remember.

When your out on your own walking all you have to be is sensible. If you respect the hills, they will respect you. Don’t be an idiot, twice. The feeling I get walking on my own is a sensation of freeing my mind and thinking shit where am I? it all works out by the end over a pint.

I love walking with my family and close friends and expecting more of my close friends to join me on my journey doing what I love.

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further” Thomas Carlyle

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