Rainbow House

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Over the next 3 weeks I am going explain why we are fundraising for the organisations we are supporting on this gruelling 21mile walk around Preston. To begin…

After going in and visiting Rainbow House and meeting everyone involved, it inspires me to do more for this organisation. The feeling I felt was comforting, everyone was happy, the children that I met had brilliant characteristics and their ability to learn, to listen and to focus is unbelievable. The kids loved being in there and I’ve never seen so many happy faces. The classes they do to rehabilitate are fun, disciplined and the results are massive.
I am very fortunate to be involved with Rainbow House and look forward to doing more work with them in the future.

To learn more about Rainbow House please visit there website https://www.thelegacy-rainbowhouse.com and watch their YouTube video which is also attached and visit their website for more information.
This is the local community supporting their local organisations. This is how we do things around here ❤️ #getinvolved #bookofpilx

Rainbow House 🌈https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkhM3ytSJuE

For more information about the Guild Wheel Walk please visit my Facebook page or look at the recent updates through my website. Thank you for all your support – BookofPilx Facebook Page 

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