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The second organisation we are supporting and raising vital funds for is Derian House Children’s Hospice. I have been in to see what they do and to meet all the staff and some of the children. I was put into contact with Derian House through my best mates mum Debbie who put me in contact with the amazing staff and its been a pleasure meeting them all and inspiring  me even more to do more for this fantastic organisation.

When I visited and seen how they accommodate families who find it hard managing day to day life. At Derian House they take the pressure off the parents and make them feel relaxed and comforted in all areas of the house. They have an indoor pool so they can benefit from having time in the water with their families as they couldn’t in a public pool, also different rooms including a play room and a art and crafts room.

I always look forward to visiting these organisations which as a whole inspire me to get involved more as it makes me think more about life and why we do fundraising events, why we run for people involved, why we want to help, and why its important to bring the community together and to share these moments and support your local organisations who need our help.

Here are a couple of videos i would like you to watch and also the link to their website for more information.

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